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Labor Doula Training FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions, easily answered here

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How long is the training?

The training is TWO full days, a total of 16 seat hours to meet CAPPA's certification requirements.

How much does the training cost?

The cost of the training is $475.00. If you trained with another local CAPPA trainer discounts are available. This fee includes your training manual, extremely valuable binder filled with handouts, snacks throughout training and continuous support throughout.

Do I need a degree in Nursing prior to the training?

No. Doulas do not provide medical support. We provide physical, emotional and informational support to our clients.

Are there any requirements prior to training?

Yes, you must register for the training. You must pay for the training or your seat is not confirmed. You must complete the Pre-Training Assignment that is sent to you once your registration and payment are received.

Will I be a "Certified" Doula after the training?

No, this training is your first step in becoming certified. During the training we will cover all of the necessary steps necessary to become certified. You have up to TWO years to complete all of the steps. You are also required to re-certify ever three years.

Do I have to be certified to serve as a "Doula"?

No. In fact, one of the steps to becoming certified is that you serve THREE families as a Doula, get evaluations and send in with your completed requirements. You can NOT call yourself "certified" after the training, you earn that credential once you have completed all the certification requirements and you hear back from the office.

Do you guarantee that I will get clients?

No. You are now your own business owner and will be responsible for securing your own clients. I will however share about opportunities on our student page. It is up to you to reach out to the potential client and to continue networking on your own.

Will I earn money during my certification process and as a Doula?

Yes. If you set your business up accordingly. We do discuss doula fees, volunteering as a doula and how to also make a living wage as a doula. Again, this is your business and you may choose to volunteer or accept payment for your services as you see fit.

How many students will be in my training?

The size of the class may vary, but I can ensure there will not be more than 15 EVER. I believe in a training that is based on quality not quantity. This is YOUR training and I want to ensure that we allow time to answer all of your questions and focus on making sure you have a great grasp on the information shared.