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Postpartum Doula, Lakewood, CA, Torrance, CA, Long

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Birth and Postpartum Support:

I encourage your to interview other Doulas! There are some industry standard offerings but each Doula offers something unique and you owe it to yourself to birth without any inhibitions. The Doula fees also vary, determine your budget. Birth Doulas charge a range from $300 - $3000 and Postpartum Doulas charge a range from $15 - $55 an hour, know what you are getting for that fee.

I am one of the most experienced Doulas and Doula Trainers in the area with almost 15 years of support services and over 500 births, but I am not the most expensive Doula. I also believe that anyone who wants a Doula, should have a Doula.

Standard Birth Doula Support ONLY $1600:

FREE Consult / Interview

Two - Visits prior to your Estimated Due Date

Time with you in Labor, during Birth and immediate Postpartum

One - Follow-up Visit, if you decide

Develop a Birth "Preference" Sheet / Birth Plan

Online Access to Forms, Research Articles and Resources

One Bottle of Leto Wellness Spray for your Recovery

Standard Postpartum Support ONLY:

$40.00 an hour for daytime support for one baby and $45.00 an hour for multiples

$45.00 an hour for nighttime support for one baby and $50.00 an hour for multiples

Standard Birth Doula Plus Package $1800:

All of the services in the Standard Birth Doula ONLY Package, plus+

Childbirth Education Series - on the predetermined dates offered (normally $250)

Premium Package included Birth and Postpartum Support $2200 ($200 SAVINGS):

All of the services in the Standard Birth Doula ONLY Package plus+

Twenty (20) Hours of Daytime Postpartum support after baby arrives (normally $800)

Birth Consulting $500:

Birth is intimate! You may not want to invite another person into your birth but you want to be fully prepared to navigate these unchartered waters. Two hours of individual guidance.

Meet with a Birth Professional prior to your estimated due date to discuss your birth options.

Develop a birth plan/"preference".

Learn how to ask questions of your care provider to ensure everyone has the same goal.

Understand interventions that include risk and benefits.

Learn how to communicate effectively with family members.

Get additional resources in your area, should they be needed.

Virtual "Integrative" Doula $600:

It's TIME! Now what? You envisioned going in, birthing your baby and going home, but things aren't going as planned. You need resources, options and guidance. A Doula will do her best to provide with woman support, but if she can't because you did not contract with her in advance, we don't want you to be left to your own devices. Get telephone, text, Skype, Google+ or FaceTime support any time day or night!